The Hierophant: A Deep Dive

Let me set the stage…

I have got my delicious cup of hot coffee in my favourite mug. The candles are lit, the incense is burning, the deck is cleared. It is time to receive my morning Tarot guidance.

My go-to spread in the morning is Three Cards: Theme for my day – Highest Energy – Best Advice.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle…and The Hierophant comes out to play…

This card bothers me, like insert eye roll and “giant sigh” kind-of-bothers-me. It evokes feelings of the organized religion and judgement that I grew up with. It also has vibes of the ‘Establishment’ and ‘The Man’ for me.

So, I am on a journey. A journey to have a better understanding of the cards in the Tarot that trigger me. My goal is to not only have a better understanding for my own practice but to help enhance the readings that I give my clients.

I was reminded by Lindsay Mack on her Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast that Tarot is FOR us, not TO us. The Hierophant is not here to ruin my day. Now it’s time to get reacquainted with this card…

Deeper Meaning

Once I began to dig deeper into the Hierophant I was able to see that the meaning of this card can shift and change according to the cards that are pulled with it. This allows for the cards to paint a picture and deliver deeper and more meaningful messages.  

Tradition, Structure, Organization and Established are words that represent the Hierophant. Pulling away from the ways in which those topics ‘trigger’ me allows the beauty in an Established Organization, like a University that is a place of knowledge, to come through. I can move out even further and see the Hierophant as a Life Coach, someone with knowledge and experience and the ability to help guide.

I also had to take a peek at where I find the Hierophant in myself, are there reflections of this archetype in my own life?

For me, I find my own Hierophant in knowledge of myself. In those core, deep down, foundational beliefs that make me who I am. When I take time out of my day to learn more about my craft and even dip into adjacent practices such as Astrology or Numerology is tapping into the Hierophant. When I seek out new Tarot Teachers to enhance my own knowledge, I am tapping into the Hierophant.

With this new knowledge I can apply these realizations to an example using a three card spread.

“What are the next steps in advancing my career?”

Card 1 – Ace of Pentacles

Card 2 – The Page of Wands

Card 3 – The Hierophant

In this example the Ace of Pentacles is bringing in the opportunity for abundance, The Page of Wands is inviting in inspiration, new ideas and discovery, The Hierophant is welcoming the exploration of new teachers to help advance the energy of the Ace of Pentacles and the Page of Wands. So, the full painting reveals that the next steps to advancing career are to welcome new inspiration and ideas by seeking out the professionals or courses in that field.

I feel rejuvenated and refreshed after taking the time to dig deeper into The Hierophant. Not only did I discover how to relate the card into my everyday life, I also feel more confident when this card comes up in my own readings.